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Clients can be Amazing

Clients can be amazing and I am proud to say that I have had some wonderful experiences and I wanted to share this one.

Due to a stint of ill health, I was feeling really bad about not being able to fulfill an order I had, to produce the sculpture I made called ‘Kiss’. My client Angela, having seen the sculpture in November 2013 at the Circle Hospital in Reading, and found me again at ‘Barwell Gallery’ in November 2015 and wanted me to produce a Bronze resin (in fact the last of the edition in Bronze Resin).

I was unable to get the work done at that time. When you work for yourself as an artist, unless you have a team of assistants, there is nobody else who can do the work for you as it is personal to you and needs your expertise. Fortunately for me, my client has been amazingly patient and I want to thank her so much for making it easy for me to get well again at my own pace and get back to work at Barwell Gallery.

At the Circle Hospital there is a constant exhibition of professional work on display, which changes throughout the year organized by Rukshi Brownlow, herself an artist and previously a Doctor.

Angela had used the image of ‘Kiss’ from Barwell Gallery website on her computer for a while. It makes me feel enormously happy that ‘Kiss’ has been the screensaver of a person who wished to buy it, the focus for her was clearly there, and time was not a problem, no better accolade! Now Angela is in no need of the screensaver as she has her horse ‘Kiss’ to hand, and says she finds herself stroking him often. Angela also said, “I do look at 'Kiss' as a symbol of the end of one phase of my life and the exciting start of a new phase which fortunately involves horses”!

As an addition to this Angela has also ordered my bronze of Walking the Dog, so what a great start to spring.

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